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You Don’t Know? But this is How Smartwatches Save Power-Technical Post

Smart watches have become the focus of fitness and lifestyle fields, and gadgets have been snapped up by fanatics as soon as they are launched. Nowadays, you can find many types of smart watches from different brands with different functions. For this small gadget, the battery life is one of the most important factors you should consider when buying.

The relationship between smart watches and battery life is of course simple. The more functions your watch has, the more it looks and works like a smart phone, and the more energy it uses, causing the battery to drain. Therefore, here are some tips to help you increase the battery life of your smartwatch.

Block unnecessary notifications

Managing or blocking unnecessary application notifications may help extend the battery life of your smartwatch. You can disable notifications from less important apps or uninstall such apps from your watch.

Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth synchronization

Smartwatch keeps connected through different methods, such as cellular network, Bluetooth and WiFi. In most cases, these rely on the Bluetooth connection, as long as it is within range of your phone. You can extend the battery life of your smartwatch by disabling connections that you don’t need or use.

Adjust the screen brightness level

By lowering the brightness level of the watch, you can save battery power and even protect your eyes. In addition, this will bring about a significant change in battery life and ensure optimal performance.

Disable wrist gestures

If you don’t need gestures when you raise your arms, then disabling wrist gestures may be a good choice.

Use snooze

If you use the snooze option, your smartwatch battery will last longer. Every time you receive a notification, your watch will automatically buzz. Moreover, by turning off notifications, the screen of your smart watch will not light up for time and there will be no vibration to save battery.

Use Theater Mode or Priority Mode

You can use Theater Mode or Priority Mode to temporarily disable notifications.

Monitor battery

You can save the battery power of your smartwatch through monitoring. Some watches come with tools that can inform you of the most power-hungry applications.

How long can the smart watch battery last?

The battery life of most smart watches is about 1 to 2 days. However, it depends on the usage of the gadget.

Can I turn off my smartwatch at night?

If you don’t use a smartwatch, it’s absolutely fine to turn it off at night, because it saves battery life. Because these smart wearable devices always run some processes continuously in the background to run, which in turn consumes battery. Therefore, it is a good decision to turn off the watch when not in use.

Are all smart watch chargers the same?

No, most smart watches do not have a universal charger. The size of the coil inside each charger is different.

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