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The Best-looking Smartwatch–DT2 is Your Health Guardian

With the improvement of national health awareness, smart watches have gradually become a new choice for the public to manage their own health and improve the quality of life. Many people will take advantage of the double eleven promotion and make smart watches their first choice for consumption. DT2, from the leading smart wearable brand DTNO.I, stood out from the crowd of smart watches and became the best-selling new smart watch product. It was called “the smart watch with the highest value” by the media and users.

As a flagship fashion smartwatch released in August this year, DT2 not only carefully selected materials, but also quickly became a good word of mouth on the market and continued to sell well through its ingenious design. Taking a closer look at DT2, the watch uses a whole piece of 3D glass to make the watch line more smooth and the transition from the dial to the watch body is more natural. At the same time, in order to further expand its advantages in lightness and thinness, DT2 strives for excellence in craftsmanship. The thickness of the watch is 13mm, and the smart and beautiful temperament is also revealed from the slim shape, showing a calm and elegant appearance. The weight is only 33 grams, and it is as light as nothing on the wrist, realizing a senseless wearing.

In addition to styling, the all-weather super retina screen equipped with DT2 takes it to a higher level as a watch. The 390*390 full-circle high-definition screen has a display effect comparable to that of a smart phone. It is the best in the entire smartwatch market. The display effect is extremely delicate, and the all-weather display feature allows the exquisite personality dial to be displayed every second.

dt2 smartwatch

What’s more satisfying besides its high appearance is the powerful and comprehensive functions of DT2. In terms of health, as DTNO.I’s flagship product of the year, the watch is equipped with the hottest blood oxygen detection function in the field of smart watches, and further combines the blood oxygen engine with the sleep engine to monitor the breathing quality during sleep. This is closely related to fatigue during the day and snoring at night. At the same time, DT2 is also equipped with core health functions such as all-weather heart rate monitoring, sleep quality monitoring, and stress monitoring, which further enhances the user’s health management experience.

dt2 smart watch

DT2 realizes the wireless charging function, which frees users from the trouble of wired charging and improves the user experience. At the same time, DT2 also has music playback, custom dials, and intelligent voice assistant functions to provide users with a more convenient experience. . DT2 is equipped with a Milanese steel strap in multiple colors, a comfortable and soft silicone strap, and a sports-style strap. Users can freely switch between business/cool/sports styles according to their needs.

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