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Tips For Basic Smartwatch Maintenance

Smartwatches are currently the coolest and handiest tech devices that’s been on people’s lips. Being able to check your text messages, track your fitness, make phone calls, and pay for your purchases, all with just one click on your wrist is not only ultra-convenient but also ultra cool!

If you prefer to wear your smartwatch daily, you might notice some wear and tear on your device. To keep the best smartwatches working and looking like new, there are some basic routine maintenance for you to follow.

Keep your smartwatch clean

Wearing a smart watch on your wrist all day, your smart watch is likely to come into contact with various surfaces, allowing bacteria to transfer and stay there.

Your smart watch will constantly touch your skin during the day-including during strenuous exercise, if you use your smart watch to track your fitness progress. All these continuous use of smart watches will cause some serious dirt and dirt accumulation.

Remove accessories for deep cleaning

DTNO.I recommends cleaning your smartwatch regularly to keep your device looking clear and working properly. To clean the smartwatch, remove the strap from the dial as much as possible. If there are other accessories on your smartwatch, such as a detachable screen protector, please remove them as well.

Before starting any cleaning procedures, check the materials used to make the smartwatch. Certain materials (such as leather straps) should be cleaned according to specific instructions, usually including special cleaning products to protect them.

Your specific cleaning program

In a small bowl, mix some warm water with a few drops of mild dish washing liquid. Dip it in the liquid with a soft cloth and gently massage all parts of the watch to remove dirt and stains.

Even if your watch is waterproof, resist the urge to immerse it directly in water; the added soap can seriously interfere with the inner workings of the smart watch.

For areas that are particularly difficult to clean, such as the space between the dial or buttons, please buy a soft toothbrush, gently remove from the gap in the smart watch and remove any stuck dirt.

Allow all parts of your smartwatch to dry completely before reassembling to wear it again.

Keep your smartwatch running smoothly

There is nothing worse than backward technology. If its screen keeps freezing or it takes extra time to load messages, something as convenient as a smart watch will not feel so useful.

To avoid this, you can do some “cleanup” inside the smartwatch’s interface to keep it running smoothly.

Update and delete apps

First, make sure that the software and applications of your smartwatch are kept up to date. You can install these updates manually or preset them to download automatically when they are available. When your application and smart watch are running on the latest version of the software available, You will surely get a smoother user experience

Take a moment to remove unnecessary apps and alarms from your smartwatch every once in a while. For example, if you don’t need a banking application to link to your smartwatch, please consider unlinking it from the device.

Although the idea of sending every message, update, and alert directly to your wrist sounds great, it can be overwhelming to feel that your wrist is constantly buzzing. In addition, a large number of messages from multiple applications can congest your watch, causing it to freeze and jam more easily.

Limiting the flow of alarms to the ones you need most for your daily activities is key. Take a moment to determine which content needs to be displayed on your wrist immediately, and which content can wait after you turn on your smartphone.

Save battery life

Adjust the settings of the smart watch to save the battery life of the device. For example, many smart watches can choose to light up immediately when you turn your wrist up to view the screen.

Another common battery drain is found in the built-in heart rate monitors of some smartwatch models, as they are usually programmed to automatically read your heart rate regularly during the day. Although these functions are convenient, they can drain the battery faster. Think about how many times you accidentally turn your wrist up during the day!

Usually, these functions (and other similar functions) can be completely adjusted or turned off under the general settings of the smartwatch.

Keep and maintain your smartwatch in a proper way, they can serve you a longer time.

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