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Best Smart watch for runner-dt3pro

Whether you are starting to run as a workout or preparing for your first marathon, buying a running smart watch can help you achieve your goals.

Running watches can honestly evaluate your efforts and achievements, whether it is calculating your running distance and speed, or using data about recovery, strength, and even nutrition.

But the new sports watch is not just about running-health, heart rate, swimming and cycling can all be satisfied.

There are many running watches on the market—from cheap running watch options to detailed alternatives for budding athletes—in fact, the functionality is basically the same.

1.36-inch retina high-definition touch screen, Heart rate monitor, Pace, distance, time tracking, more  sports modes. IP68 water resistant.. etc. You can expect more from this small gadget.

Remodeling the classic digital crown, turning tedious operations into simplicity, and making interaction simple and natural. Every rotation can fit the deeply customized linear motor, allowing you to achieve a leap-forward user experience.

Ingenuity–advanced non-sleeping touch lC

You can double-click to brighten the screen. The interface lights up after double-clicking you can see the time when the screen is locked.

As an excellent all-rounder, the DT3Pro is not DTNO.I’s cheapest running watch , but it offers a variety of functions at an affordable price.

Say NO to the low-cost, low-quality smart watches.

Professional advanced RTK8762D wearable chip,Bluetooth 5.0 efficient collaboration in sports,smart algorithms, sports monitoring, etc. With Gsensormulti-sensor work, efficient calculations are realized. Brings you a special new experience.

You will get the same low-resolution display as all DTNO.I watches, water resistance to 50 meters and an optical heart rate monitor.

DT3Pro will track running, cycling, treadmill running, indoor track, elliptical machine, aerobics, yoga, and although it is waterproof, there is no swimming configuration. The smartwatch feature on DT3Pro includes notification support, and Wear App compatibility allows you to customize the watch face.

If you are not familiar with running and don’t want to spend too much money, the DT3Pro makes things simple and should be a clear consideration. Need DTNO.I advice? We help you choose the right DTON.I sports watch for you

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